What to expect...

Whether traveling through or  moving into the community.

What are you looking for?

Who we are…
An open, welcoming, affirming community,
gathered together by the Holy Spirit for worship and service.
We come from many backgrounds & have many stories

What you'll experience...
“Traditional” worship – Lots of music, Bible readings and commentary, Holy Communion (by many names – Eucharist, Lord’s Supper, Divine Liturgy, Mass!) fellowship, opportunities for service

We recognize …
That we know only a little, God is constantly challenging us to grow.

What it’s all about …
Growing in our faith and relationship with God through Christ. Making connections with others,
Being the hands and voice of Christ to all we meet

Come and See!

(some) Activities and Events
Sunday morning (of course!) at 10:15
Mid-week during Advent and Lent
Holy Week
Community Easter Sunrise

Munchies, coffee, - and sometimes lunch after worship
Sunday discussion groups
Women’s Coffee & Conversation
Bible study
Summer BBQs
Memorial Holiday weekend camping

Service opportunities
Grace food pantry (Saturday)
Shower trailer (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday)
Campus Ministry